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Website:  http://swipe.tekever.com/


Project full title: Space Wireless sensor networks for Planetary Exploration

Grant agreement no.: 312826

Coordinator: Tekever (PT)

Consortium: TEKEVER (PT); ARQUIMEA (ES); ASTRIUM (FR); University of Leicester (UK); Consortium for Research in Automation and Telecommunications (C.R.A.T.) (IT)

Duration: 31 months

Starting Date: April 2013

Expected Ending: December 2015

Key Persons: Dr. Antonio Pietrabissa, Prof. Francesco Delli Priscoli, Dr. Guido Oddi

Project Description: In order to prepare for manned missions to other planets, it is necessary to monitor permanently the surface environment and have a clear notion of its conditions.

Hundreds or thousands of small wireless sensors could be dropped from a satellite orbiting the planet onto the surface to assure a uniform and sufficient coverage. These autonomous sensors would then create their own ad hoc network while some of them, equipped with satellite communication capabilities, would establish a link between the WSN and the satellite. Data gathered from the sensors would be processed and sent to the satellite and later to Earth.

SWIPE intends to bring hybrid satellite-ad hoc networks to space.

CRAT Contribution: CRAT is the leader of the energy-aware resource management algorithms and protocols for the WSN MANET segment.

Relevant Publications:

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