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Genesis and purpose

CRAT Consortium was born in February 2006 with the aim of structuring the ongoing collaboration between the Departments DIAG (ex DIS) and  DIET (ex INFOCOM), extending it to the industrial companies Thales and Qualcomm Italy. The Consortium is a non-profit organization focused on promoting initiatives for the development of innovation in the field of mobile and fixed networks as well as their convergence; in particular, the Consortium aims to carry out applied research on issues such as security, quality of service, mobility on heterogeneous radio technologies, traffic control, software to support e-services, technologies and multimedia services over IP, etc., all topics whose development will require the cross-fertilization between disciplines and methodologies coming from automation and telecommunication. 
In particular, the Consortium is specialized in:

  • submitting demands to national and european public bodies, for the granting of the benefits provided by current regulations in favor of initiatives / projects for scientific research and technological innovation, executing all the required documents as well as conducting the related study and research activities;
  • supporting the interaction among the consortium members and with universities, research institutes and national / international organizations, working for the promotion and the dissemination, also for external companies and institutions, of the knowledge developed within the institutional purposes, promoting the collaboration between universities and companies in the automation and telecommunication, thus fostering the exchange of know-how between universities and industry;
  • publishing scientific papers.