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CRAT activated a whistleblowing IT channel, a legal tool for reporting any illicit conduct in the context of work activity.

Italian Law n.179/2017 introduced new and important protections for those who want to make a report, and forced public and private organizations to use IT methods and encryption tools to guarantee the confidentiality of the identity of the reporter and of all subjects mentioned in the report, the content of the reports and the related documentation.

By reporting through this online platform, there are several advantages for your security and greater confidentiality:

  • the report is made by completing a questionnaire and can also be sent anonymously;
  • the report is received by the person responsible for managing the reports (Responsible for the Prevention of Corruption and Transparency – RPCT) and managed by guaranteeing, from a technological point of view, the confidentiality of the reporter and the report;
  • the platform allows dialogue, even anonymously, between the whistleblower and the whistleblowing manager for requests for clarification or further information, therefore without the need to provide personal contacts;
  • the report can be made from any digital device (PC, tablet, smartphone), both from within the organization and from outside. The protection of confidentiality is guaranteed in all circumstances.
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