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Project full title: Patient Centric Approach for an Integrated, Adaptive, Context Aware Remote Diagnosis and Management of Cardiovascular Diseases

Grant agreement no.: 248694

Coordinator: Labor (I)

Consortium: Labor (I); CRAT (I); STMicroelectronics (I); Istituto Nazionale Ricerche Cardiovascolari (I); Unità di Telemedicina Ospedale San Camillo (I); University of Birmingham (UK); University of Oulu (FI); Medical University of Gdansk (PL); Portugal Telecom Inovacao (P); Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (B); Assotiation for European Cardiovascular Pathology (EU); University of Twente (NE); Univerity of Hull (UK); Klopman International (I); Tsinghua University (PRC); University of Southampton (UK); Telbios s.p.a. (I)

Duration: 48 months

Starting Date: January 2010

Expected Ending: December 2014

Key Persons: Prof. Francesco Delli Priscoli, Ing. Dr. Silvano Mignanti

Project Description: BRAVEHEALTH proposes a patient-centric vision to CVD management and treatment, providing people already diagnosed as subjects at risk with a sound solution for continuous and remote monitoring and real time prevention of malignant events. The solution proposed will be made up of the following sub-systems: 1)WEARABLE UNIT: it is an innovative concept of miniaturised multi-parameter sensor,  able to continuously monitoring the most critical parameters needed to perform a thorough diagnosis by means of specific diagnostic and prognostic algorithms running on it. It will be possible both to perform scheduled analysis of critical parameters and to remotely trigger the screening of specific vital signs. 2) REMOTE MANAGEMENT UNIT: it represents the main interface between physicians and the system, providing both automated support, in the form of text messages with information or suggestions to the patient directly generated by the system, and doctor managed supervision, allowing direct communication with the patients with voice/text/chat messages. The most important added value of the this unit is the possibility to be interfaced with existing National Health Records and Physiological Data Banks in order to generating and verifying risk prediction models using advanced data mining approaches. 3) LIFE! GATEWAY: Data acquired by the wearable unit will be relayed to a gateway which represents the means by which the information flow from the user to the Central Supervision Unit. This unit will provide the user with the following functionalities: a) Real time communications: in case of anomalies, or simply to suggest specific drugs to be taken, or to advice some particular activity to be performed; 2) Location aware information, exploiting the positioning capabilities of GPS. 3) Mobile virtual community for education and support.

CRAT Contribution: CRAT will play a key role in the BRAVEHEALTH project, being responsible of the whole data-mining and decision support system. Furthermore CRAT will be involved in interoperability among different sensors issues, semantics, intercommunication among sensors and remote unit and it will also participate to the definition of the STB’s functionalities.

Relevant Publications:

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