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Smart Energy Research Group


Leader: Prof. Alessandro Di Giorgio (digiorgio@diag.uniroma1.it)

Current Members: Dr. Francesco Liberati, Eng. Emanuele De Santis, Dr. Alessandro Giuseppi, Prof. Francesco Delli Priscoli, Prof. Alberto Isidori, Prof. Antonio Pietrabissa, Dr. Martina Panfili,
Eng. Giacinto Losquadro.

Former Members: Dr. Roberto Germanà (currently in Terna S.p.A.), Dr. Letterio Zuccaro (currently in Enel X), Dr. Andrea Lanna (currently in Over Technologies S.p.A.), Dr. Laura Pimpinella (currently in Enel S.p.A.).

Description: The Smart Energy research group, established in 2009 by Prof. Alessandro Di Giorgio, studies and develops control systems for the efficient generation, transmission, distribution and usage of lectricity. Research activities include but are not limited to centralized and decentralized electric vehicles smart charging, composition of ancillary services for transmission and distribution systems operators, wind turbines and energy storage control systems, local electricity markets and residential load shifting control for automated demand side management, stabilization and reconfiguration of power networks. The activities combine results from the Control Theory and takes advantage of recent advancements in electrical engineering and ICT for implementation and field validation of the developed research. The research group has great expertise in the field, gained working in several EU and national research projects with leading players of the power systems, electromobility and ICT industries. The group also provides support to the activities of the cybersecurity and smart mobility research groups, as electric power networks represent a typical critical infrastructure, while the ongoing transition from fossil fuel based to plug-in electric vehicles poses challenges in the interaction between the electric and transportation networks.

Collaborations: The Smart Energy Research Group participated in several national and european projects and cooperates with researchers from national and international academia and industries. Among other collaborations, in the last years, the group’s members have worked with Enel X, Enel Distribuzione, Israel Electric Corporation, Elektro Ljubljana, Iren, Siemens, General Electric, Telecom Italia, Edison, Electrolux, STMicroelectronics, Kema, University of Coimbra, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Technische Universitaet Dresden, VITO, Istituto Tecnologico de la Energia, Leitat. See the group’s projects for further information.

Selected Publications

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