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CyberSecurity Research Group

Research group on security-related topics

ESA – ARIESongoing
EU-H2020 – ATENA
EU-FP7- CockPitCI

Leader: Dr. Alessandro Giuseppi ( giuseppi@diag.uniroma1.it)

Members: Prof. Francesco Delli Priscoli, Prof. Alessandro Di Giorgio, Eng. Manuel Donsante, Dr. Andrea Fiaschetti, Eng. Roberto Germanà, Dr. Francesco Liberati, Dr. Martina Panfili, Prof. Antonio Pietrabissa, Dr. Andrea Tortorelli, Prof. Vincenzo Suraci

Description: The CyberSecurity research group, led by Dr. Alessandro Giuseppi, studies and develops control systems for the secure and safe operation of critical systems, combining results from the Control Theory and Computer Science. The research group has great expertise in the control and protection of Critical Infrastructures, as it participated in 4 related EU research projects, with a particular focus on power grids and utility networks. The applied control methodologies range from classical feedback control of nonlinear systems, economic model predictive control, and intelligent control systems that are enhanced by Machine Learning results.

Collaborations: The CyberSecurity Research Group participated in several National and European projects and cooperates with researchers from national and international academia and industries. Among other collaborations, in the last years, the group’s members are working with Leonardo (Italy), IEC (the Israel Electric Company), CREOS (the only electricity and natural gas distributor in Luxembourg), the Société Wallonne des Eaux (a BelgianWater Operator for the Wallonia Region), the University of Coimbra (Portugal), ENEA (Agenzia nazionale per le nuove tecnologie, l’energia e lo sviluppo economico sostenibile, Italy). See the group’s projects for further information.