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Industry 4.0 Research Group


  • CNES AI Challenge 2022 – ENAIongoing
  • EU-H2020 – SESAME – ongoing

Leader: Andrea Tortorelli (tortorelli@diag.uniroma1.it)

Current members: Francesco Delli Priscoli, Francesco Liberati

Description: The Industry 4.0 research group, led by Dr. Andrea Tortorelli, is focused on the exploitation of data science at the service of industrial processes being its primary goal the technological transfer to SMEs. The research group is tightly connected with all the other CRAT’s research groups for accelerating and maximizing the impact and sustainability of the outputs of the several research lines. From a vertical point of view, the focus of the research group is on (i) developing technology- and application-independent frameworks allowing to exploit data science in the industrial world and (ii) developing ad-hoc solutions for relevant industrial problems. The latter are identified based on the real needs of SMEs and industries of CRAT’s national and European partners. The mentioned solutions include optimal control- and machine learning-based approaches. More specifically, the research lines focus on (i) modelling complex cyber-physical industrial processes and (ii) developing parallel, distributed, hierarchical and multi-agent algorithms able to cope with scalability issues which naturally arise in real world scenarios.

Collaborations: The Industry 4.0 research group has been involved in several European projects in many application domains. Among the others, the group has had the opportunity to collaborate with Leonardo, ENEA, Telespazio, ArianeGroup Space.