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Project full title
Advanced multi-Rat Integrated multi-sensors solution for Emergency prevention, detection and response operationS

ESA 5G for L’ART Programme
Invitation to Tender (ITT) ESA AO10064

ESA Contract no.: 4000133127/20/NL/AF

Duration: 12 months
Starting Date: 11 Dec 2020
Expected Ending: 11 Dec 2021

Consorzio per la Ricerca nell’Automatica e nelle Telecomunicazioni (CRAT)
Project Coordinator: Prof. Antonio Pietrabissa, CRAT
Scientific Coordinator: Dr. Alessandro Giuseppi, CRAT


  • Consorzio per la Ricerca nell’Automatica e nelle Telecomunicazioni (CRAT)
  • Telespazio SpA
  • Expertlab Srl

CRAT Key Persons
Prof. Antonio Pietrabissa (project co-coordinator), Dr. Alessandro Giuseppi (technical and scientific coordinator of the project), Prof. Francesco Delli Priscoli (scientific co-coordinator of the research unit)

Project Description: The objective of the proposed service is to provide to the end users, i.e. the Municipality of L’Aquila/Abruzzo Region, and in particular the Italian Fire Brigades and the Regional Civil Protection Service, with an efficient service for prevention, monitoring and management of emergencies (fires, landslides, etc.) in the rural territory of L’Aquila. For this purpose, an architecture composed by a broad of technologies like Drones (RUAVs, RPASs), HAPs, EO satellites, TLC satellites and 5G terrestrial cells will be taken into account with reference to the case study of interest in L’Aquila area, where the 5G wireless coverage are available from the INCIPICT experimentation.
The solution, in line with the Space vision from ESA and TLC Satellite/5G Service operators, defines an evolution of the Network approach and connectivity services with new concepts of multi-Radio Access Technologies (RAT), connecting several different elements and sensors  to enable new applications that can truly help Society in the real life, especially in Emergency prevention, monitoring, detection and response scenarios.